All handcrafted solid beech frames for our standard collection are fully guaranteed for 15 years (to be confirmed). Fabric will wear depending on usage and treatment. Please follow the care instructions for all fabrics used.

We’ve got you covered with our 5 year Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan for Fabric, Leather, Beds and Dining and Bedroom furniture.

A protection plan is essentially ‘no excess’ furniture insurance. It covers life’s little accidents such as food or drink spills, scuffs to leather or chips and scratches to your wooden furniture and starts from the moment your new furniture is delivered.

When you have an accident, you can simply claim on your plan by calling the Guardsman UK call centre, or go to their website and download a claim form.

Our aim is to keep your furniture looking good and in full use in your home. Wherever possible their network of expert repair technicians and cleaning specialists always try to repair the damage.

If a repair isn’t possible, they will source new parts for you, or if they are not available, a replacement item.

Claim for as many incidents as you need over the 5 years. You’ll have cover for parts, labour and replacement items up to the indemnity value of your plan. Your indemnity value is the price you originally paid for your furniture or £15,000, whichever is the lowest.

Watch our short video to see how Guardsman cover can help you stay protected:


Below you will see information about the different Guardsman protection plans available through Alter London. For more information or any queries, please contact us here or call us on 0800 804 8879.

The Leather plan
Keep your new leather sofa looking its best with a Guardsman 5 year super elite protection plan.

The Fabric Plan
Keep your new fabric sofa looking its best with a Guardsman 5 year gold elite protection plan.

The Furniture Plan
Keep your new furniture looking its best with a Guardsman 5 year furniture elite protection plan, covering your wooden, glass and marble furniture.

The Bed Plan
Keep your new bed looking its best with a Guardsman 5 year bed protection plan.

Please note Guardsman protection plans do not cover for:

  • Damage caused by perspiration
  • Wear and Tear
  • Animal chewing
  • Furniture in a property or room which you rent out, or any commercial property

For full Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan Terms & Conditions, click here.

For full Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan Bed Terms & Conditions, click here.

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