Six Creative Ways to Use Wall Mirrors in Interiors

Wall mirrors come in all shapes and sizes but are often used in similar formats within interior design. We have put together some creative ways to use mirrors to achieve various styles and help your space reach its maximum potential.


For a space requiring more natural light, use a large mirror with an overlapping or inset frame to create the illusion of a window. A bold or geometric style frame works best for this style to create the impression of a window, and therefore reflect more light and space.



Similar to a gallery of art pieces, create an eclectic wall of mirrors. Get creative with shapes and sizes, with both horizontal and vertical mirrors to mix and match. Vintage style mirrors work beautifully with this idea, such as the Enchant Mirror with its antique brass finish and fairy tale vibe.






When next choosing a new painting or print for a wall, it is worth considering a mirror instead. Choose a bold and colourful mirror in a distinctive shape that breaks the rules. The reflective surfaces supply a glamorous feel while maintaining a sense of fun. Try the Superstar Mirror or Eye of the Tiger for a confident focal point.



Eye Of The Tiger


Hang a geometric faceted mirror opposite a window or behind a table lamp. This will double your light source by reflecting the light in various directions. Play with different shapes to create beautiful reflections. The Stella Square Mirror and Billion Square Mirror are two mesmerising mirrors that reflects light stunningly.




Think outside the box with patterned mirrors to create an eye catching display. The Rays of Light Mirror doubles as a sleek wall panel and an elegant mirror. It is perfect for adding some sophisticated colour and design to a space. The Nouveau Mirrors are like mini art pieces that can be used together or separately.









The sunburst mirror is a design classic that grew very popular in the mid twentieth century. Take a modern twist of this iconic design with the Cotta Mirror with a stunning antiqued gold leaf finish, or make a statement with the creative Leaf Mirror.

Get creative with mirrors in the home with one or more of these ways to use mirrors, and take your interior design scheme to the next level.