In 2011 Thomas Griem founded TG-Studios, a high-end architectural and interior design firm based in London. The company dwells in inventive and functional design layouts combined with bold and rich styles. At TG Studios the team works closely with clients to create innovative and intelligent design solutions that stand the test of time and add value to the overall property.

Adding value is a big component in each of Thomas Griem’s design, whether completing a full furnishing of a restaurant or producing a stunning chair for a luxury home.



With 20 years of experience spanning residential, retail and office schemes, Thomas Griem charges at any project with excitement, curiosity, and a keen insight into industry trends and what works for the project at hand.

Thomas Griem is not a man restricted by borders, offering a complete range of services for architectural and interior design projects in international locations ranging from Hong Kong to New York.

Thomas Griem’s products are both beautiful and innovative, with geometrical pieces that become eye-catching statements in any interior space.


Having designed bespoke furniture and lighting for numerous interiors, the collaboration with Alter London is an organic evolution of Thomas Griem’s passion for designing high-quality original pieces for contemporary interior spaces.

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