Why you should use Banquette Seating in a Bar, Restaurant or at Home

When fitting out a restaurant, bar, hotel or a residential dining area, the seating is absolutely key. At Alter London we have put together some reasons why banquette seating, otherwise known as booth seating or fixed seating, is perfect for certain spaces.




There is no denying that lounging on a cushioned banquette seat is an exceptionally comfortable way to enjoy a meal or drinks. Add cushions to enhance seating experience and also alternate the style or colour scheme of the seating.


Alter London understands that durability and comfort are crucial when constructing furniture for hospitality, therefore complex layers of cushioning and resilient upholstery are all considered on a case by case basis.



Banquette seating brings people together, whether it is a romantic date, a get-together with friends or even a business meeting. People naturally sit closer together on a bench style seat, making fixed seating perfect for socialising.


In a loud and busy restaurant, high backed seating absorbs noise levels from large groups, and acts as a barrier to create quieter areas for more privacy.



A Focal Point

Fixed seating is ideal for establishing the style of a venue. Bespoke creations are totally unique and can define the overall tone and mood of a space. With the right finishes such as luxurious stitching details and studding, banquette seating can create an impactful impression when customers enter.


Maximising the Space

When a room has unique corners and nooks, bespoke banquette seating can make use of these. The seating can seamlessly fit a venue, yet flexibility can still be gained by combining fixed seating with loose chairs. As mentioned previously, the fact that people are seated closer together in this style of seating also contributes to maximising the seating capacity of a space.


Alter London - Flemings hotel, Mayfair - Banquette Seating



Typically, the hardiest and sustainable beech wood is used to create furniture frames, and each piece is especially designed for hospitality use. All upholstery can be provided as either fixed or loose, with the choice of a removable cover for maintenance and housekeeping. Our fabrics can also CRIB 5 fire treated, making them suitable for hospitality use.


Fixed seating offers the benefits of being stationary, and is thereby put under less stress than loose seating, which is moved around constantly.


Traffic Flow

Fixed seating can be used to divide areas into clear sections for ambience and create rooms within rooms. With clever planning, banquette seating generates the perfect flow of traffic around a restaurant or bar for both waiting staff and customers.


Alter London - Flemings hotel restaurant, Mayfair - Banquette Seating


For advice on a particular project, our knowledgeable and friendly hospitality specialists are happy to answer any queries. With years of experience within the industry, they offer expert advice and ensure a smooth process for your project. Alter London can make any bespoke piece of furniture, whether you are looking for banquette seating or otherwise, and will happily help make or find the item you love. Find more information on our hospitality site.