Rock your Interior: How to use the Minerals and Crystals Trend

The past years have brought the outside inside with plants and natural materials in the home. Lately we are taking it one step further with a new crystals trend that is becoming less ‘hippy’ and more happening. In this fast-paced age, we are embracing the grounding materials of minerals, crystals, rock, marble, fossils and quartz. Bring out your inner geologist and read our tips on how to introduce the minerals and crystals trend into an interior.

Surface Tension

Pairing the natural with the artificial is a stunning way to incorporate this trend without it looking too free spirited. At Alter London, the obsession with marble is now engulfing agate too, as demonstrated by the gorgeous Agatha Table. Agate is formed from molten lava being pushed towards the earth’s surface, meaning each piece is completely unique. A sleek nickel finish frame completes this ethereal side table, perfect for placing next to a bed or sofa to display trinkets or lighting.

Raw Beauty

Bring your interior back down to earth with chunky crystals and uncut minerals. Complement raw textures with polished surfaces for a beautiful and intriguing contrast. Mounted rough crystals on sleek marble satisfies celestial cravings and make for a beautiful display on shelves or coffee tables. Adding natural materials to an interior brings a layered, collated and eclectic feel. Look no further than the heavy Crystal Bookends to add a worldly style tucked amongst books on a shelf.

The elegant marble boxes (white or purple) with crystal mounted on gold coloured details look gorgeous on a dressing table. Use white hues to infuse a space with calm or add colours such as purple or orange for a positive warm glow.

Crystals Trend

Pattern Play

To tap into this trend without investing in crystals, use pieces inspired by the colours and textures of minerals or look for patterns inspired by the swirls and marks of minerals. Focus on either cool soothing tones such as the Blue Mist Tray with its ethereal misty patterned glass, or amber and copper shades like the Pintu Rug with an earth and marble inspired design.

Make a Statement

Make a feature in a room with a quirkier piece that embraces natural materials and creates a sense of wonder at the physical world. The Crystal Flower Lamp is a striking piece of lighting that draws attention in a room and looks beautiful when reflecting rays of light. The White Coral Tree is a conversation starter and adds instant elegance to a table or mantel.

Crystals Trend

With raw and natural materials creeping more into interiors and moving away from mass-manufactured pieces, this crystals trend is not going anywhere soon. Use it to enhance the overall mood in a room and bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

(Top image: Able Ground)