4 Luxurious and Unique Design Hotels Around the World

It is no secret that at Alter London we love to travel and find inspiration around the world. Sometimes it is not even necessary to leave the hotel to discover this creativity, as with these four stunning design hotels in Morocco, USA, Ecuador and right here in England. Just viewing these images give a strong case of wanderlust…

Royal Mansour Marrakech in Marrakech, Morocco

The construction of this enchanting hotel was commissioned by His Royal Highness King Mohammed VI of Morocco in 2004. It does not get much grander than that. The aim was to achieve a property that felt steeped in Morocco’s rich history, splendour, and design whilst offering a five-star experience.

Marble pathways link together 53 villas within manicured gardens, almost like a luxurious mini-medina. An opulent colour scheme of ochre, silver, terracotta and cream runs throughout the hotel. The décor is based on traditional techniques by over 1,200 skilled artisans, producing wonders such as woven tapestries and ornate mosaics. With private pools and three restaurants, not to mention the library, spa and art gallery, there is no doubt this will be a deluxe experience to remember.

Get the Moroccan vibe with the Nadi or Paran rug and Monochrome Window Wallcovering by Arte.













Soho Farmhouse in the Cotswolds, England

The latest project from the Soho House group, Soho Farmhouse is the perfect country escape for those who still value their creature comforts. Nestled in the beautiful Cotswolds, it is made up of rustic style cabins amongst eighteenth century buildings with pools, a spa, cinema and more.

The interior is designed to look stylish yet effortless, with a mix of old and new and a comfortable aesthetic. Industrial elements in the structure of the buildings combined with reclaimed timber, luxurious velvet sofas and wood burning stoves achieve this.

Get the look of the Soho Farmhouse by pairing classic leather armchairs, country style furniture, and velvet sofas with reclaimed and vintage wooden pieces.












Amangiri Resort & Spa in Utah, USA


The design of this isolated breath taking resort is all about the relationship with the surrounding desert. It embraces and highlights the wilderness rather than attempting to compete with it. Raw materials such as timber, stone and concrete cause the structure to blend in with the hues of the landscape, yet the polished surfaces contrast beautifully with the rough desert rocks.

The hotel achieves a tranquil atmosphere through understated and spacious interiors and natural materials. Views of dunes, mountain ridges and plateaus stretch into the distance, offering a peaceful retreat. In addition, this luxurious hotel is in reach of landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and Monument Valley.

Achieve a similar look with simple and practical furniture with a modern aesthetic such as the Nest bed, Hurricane Table Lamp and Baum Lantern, all in natural colours for a zen feel.













Mashpi Eco-Lodge in the Andean Cloud Forest, Ecuador

The Mashpi Rainforest Eco-Lodge is devoted to maintaining and supporting the surrounding forest and its ecosystems which are constantly under threat from deforesting. The design of the lodge aims to accentuate the beauty of the surrounding cloud forest so that guests feel fully engrossed. The structure itself was made from locally sourced materials and much of the interior design was built using local artistry, paired with more contemporary luxurious design.

Overall the design is simple, with clean modern lines and copious glass walls to display the beauty of the scenery. Some profits from the hotel also go into researching the ecosystem of the surrounding cloudforest.

To tap into this style, use modern pieces made from wood such as the Lincoln Dining Table and Castine Bedside Table. Bring nature indoors with the Bronze Slice Tray, Ligna Canopy or Ligna Wings Wallcoverings,  and abundant greenery in vases and planters.