Rug Trends: 10 Ideas and Styles for Area Rugs

There is nothing more comforting than sinking your feet into a plush rug. Adding an area rug to a floor is the best way to introduce warmth, texture and colour to a space and is more modern and simple than installing wall-to-wall carpet. Here are some of our favourite rug trends to embrace.


We have seen Moroccan rugs soar in trend over the past few years and this craze is not dying out anytime soon. With neutral tones and quirky geometric patterns, Moroccan rugs are perfect for styles leaning towards eclectic and laidback. Layer a Moroccan rug with other neutral rugs for a relaxed look, or as a standalone in the centre of a room for a grander and more formal impact. Shop the Paran, Nadi, Hetu or Tira wool rugs to achieve this style.

Alter London - Hetu Rug


The gradient of colours in the ombre rug adds depth to a room and exudes sophistication. Resembling watercolours, the rug has an artistic ambiance. Choose from neutrals such as the Timit rug or a splash of colour from the Tora.

Alter London - Timit Rug


Block Colour

Whatever your colour scheme, a rug is a simple way to add colour to an interior to improve interest and texture. Choose a deep teal or navy to add intensity and energy to a space. Alternatively, a pale champagne or blush keeps the style light and neutral which allows your furniture and accessories to stand out within the space. Select from array of colours in our Bala rug collection, from soft gold to smoke and more.




A rug is a stunning and very effective way to invite the geometric trend into your home. A bold geometric pattern such as triangles, diamonds, squares or other shapes can create a feature for your floor. Bringing instant visual interest to a room, it can create either an elegant or more playful feel, such as the Samira Rug.



Don’t be afraid to use a rug with an identity of its own and a story to tell. Enrich the style of a space with influences of a globetrotting lifestyle to create a rich aesthetic. The Samaira Rug or Kimes, Green Mosaic Rug are striking example of this style or add the more subtle and modern Abja rug.


If a space is looking flat, a textured rug is a great way to add interest for the eye. Select either a pattern full of texture such as the Aarva rug, or a textured surface like the unique Kani Ruh or the Edana, available in a variety of colours.


Go Bold

Be confident with your style and use a rug with plenty of panache. Earthy colours are reemerging in 2017, and the Pintu Rug is a great example of this with bright colours and an abstract pattern to add drama to a room.


Use a rug with a curious and surprising element to create an interior scheme that is completely unique and contemporary. The Oviya and Olimani Rugs both take traditional ideas and deconstruct them to produce modern and exciting designs that are true conversation starters.

Art Deco

Characterised by strong lines, defined shapes and perfect symmetry – Art Deco style translates superbly to stunning rug designs. Inspired by the moldings and decorative cornicing of 1920s architecture, the Deco Pink, Monochrome or Rainbow rugs bring understated sophistication to a space.


Browse our range of samples to create a rug that is tailored exactly to your space. With all rugs being handmade, every carpet is unique and can be made completely bespoke. The wide range of colours allow you to find the exact shade for your interior, with the ability to design your own patterns and textures.

Many of the Alter London rugs are made from silk, an extremely fine fibre that allows a higher knot count, that produces more detail. There are also many pure wool rugs in the collection, which have a deep pile to bring plenty of warmth and luxury to an interior.

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