Compas Low Tray Tables, XL Set of 2

The Compas Low Tray Tables, XL Set of 2 are a beautiful and unique duo. Use as a feature focal point in a room either together or separately. The metal frame and dark wooden base echo each other's beautiful undulating circular shapes. Mix and match your favourite Large and Extra Large trays from our range to place on top. The large table nests perfectly inside the extra large table for creating extra space when needed. The Compas Tables are stunning side tables, and make the carrying of drinks and refreshments from the kitchen to the entertaining area completely seamless. The wide surfaces leave plenty of space for styling coffee table books, vases, and ornaments. Tables exclude trays, allowing you to create a personal design with various colours and patterns. Trays sold separately.
Size Width Depth Height
Tall  93 cm 93 cm 38 cm
Short  62 cm 62 cm 31 cm

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