Focus Polygon

Straight match 23.34cm. Price is per roll at 0.7m x 10.05m.

The lead time for most Arte wallcoverings is 2 – 3 days.

Focus Polygon

The architectural Focus Polygon design is a captivating design of subdivided squares in different colours. Parallel lines contrast with diagonal ones to create a feeling of depth in this geometric pattern. The monochrome alternative, Trapezium, is a slightly more subtle design which relies on reflections of light to reveal the design.

Focus Collection

Geometrics and light reflection come into play with the Focus collection. Relief lines are printed in different directions to manipulate how the light is reflected from the surface. This dynamic design creates a trompe-l’oeil effect from afar, as well as beautifully transforming over the day as daylight changes. Select from subtler ‘tone-on-tone’ designs which purely use the multi-directional reflections to portray the design, or a bolder ‘colour-on-colour’ pattern. All wallcoverings have a non-woven backing with a slightly glossy vinyl top layer to display the relief effect to maximum advantage. The vinyl also has the added benefit of being wipeable, making it suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and even unique splashbacks. Produced predominantly in Belgium, the innovative Arte wallcoverings are made using totally environmentally friendly processes. Arte prides itself in being trendsetting, not trend-following, producing ground-breaking ideas with every new collection release.