How our furniture is made

We supervise the production of all furniture to ensure that our outstanding standards are observed, from the careful selection of materials to the hand crafting of each individual piece. Your sales associate informs you of the progress of your order, and is happy to arrange for you to visit the workshop so you can personally oversee your product being made.


Our step-by-step process for the production of products:

Product ProcessThe design consultation

Whether you have a complete design in mind or a general idea about what you are looking for, the Alter London team is here to help realise your vision.

The people who make it happen

The carpenter carves and cuts the beechwood intricately to build a strong frame for each piece. When building the foundation, the carpenter needs to have the final bespoke design completed in his mind before cutting the first piece of wood.

The cutter is the ‘tailor of furniture’, and comes from a unique upholstery background. With a steady hand, he maps the design to scale and ensures the vital design details are delivered, such as the fabric direction and the velvet pile.

The seamstress is the ‘dressmaker of furniture’, fitting fabrics perfectly together. To be able to align the fabrics and make the right stitching for each bespoke piece, this process requires an exceptional eye for detail.

The upholsterer holds a large range of different skills within one modest title. His hands are experts in springing, padding, fixing, stretching, smoothing, stuffing, tacking and finishing each bespoke piece.

The professional attention to detail in all these elements is essential when making a signature Alter London piece, and it is your guarantee for high-quality bespoke furniture.